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The Best Dog Trainer Services for Newport Beach

Our Dog Trainer Services In Newport Beach

Dog Trainer Newport Beach, the dog training expert, offers professional dog training services for dog owners in puppy kindergarten for puppy management and training, private lessons, obedience dog training, and private in-home training.

We have branches in Newport Beach and Los Angeles cities in Orange County. 

Our main office is located at 1954 Port Nelson Pl, Newport Beach, you can find us in this place. Following is our office place.

We offer the Newport Beach City residents dog training services including puppy kindergarten, private lessons, obedience training, and private in-home training.

Our professional dog trainers can help nurture your furry friend into a perfectly disciplined companion.

Here Are Our Main Newport Beach Services

  • Puppy kindergarten
  • Private lessons
  • Obedience training classes
  • In-home private training

1. Puppy kindergarten for puppy management and training

We work together to help you teach your puppy to socialize with new places, people, activities, and things. We cover all puppy topics including:

  • Potty training
  • Biting/mouthing
  • Chewing
  • Handling
  • Jumping
  • Crate training
  • Appropriate play

We will safely expose your puppy to some novel experiences like vacuum cleaners, agility tunnels, controlled play, and feeding games alongside other puppies.

We will have one lesson per week lasting one hour each for four weeks.

2. Private lessons for beginners

We also offer private lessons for more personalized individual attention.

This arrangement is suitable for dogs that are not yet ready to attend group training.

Also, if you have difficulties in meeting the regular class schedules, this can be the right option to ensure that you train your dog.

3. Obedience training classes

Level 1

We will help you learn to communicate more effectively with your pooch so you can help them in learning basic skills like com, sit down, leave it, watch me and stay.

We will talk about helping to set you and your puppy up to achieve success during training so that you and your pup can get the most from the sessions.

Also, we discuss social and house manners, and offer tips for leash walking and jumping.

Level 2

After having laid the foundation at level 1, we will further improve on the skills that you acquired.

We will be working more on real-life situations, loose leash walking, faster recalls.

We will also introduce more cues such as heel, as well as help them to switch and turn.

4. In-home private training

There are dogs that struggle to get accustomed to the class setting but learn better and faster at home.

If your dog is one of them, we can arrange for private training sessions in your home.

We will still cover the same topics that we do in our group classes.

Also, if you need to address specific behaviors in an in-home setting, we can as well do that.

Common dog training questions

It is worth training your dog because the training helps teach them how to manage aggression and fear and master basic instructions.

Also, it helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Dogs are always good, but they need training to behave well as pets.

If not well trained, for instance, your dog may pull during walks, bark when they hear the doorbell ringing, or chase your family cat.

Sometimes, you may even require professional help to manage bad behavior.  

Training your dog at an early age is better; it is easier to teach them great skills and behavior.

But the question is, what if you didn’t get the chance to do it earlier and your dog is now an adult? Can your old dog learn new tricks?

It is never too late to start training your dog. Numerous circumstances could have prevented you from starting early. Besides, more than half the number of clients’ dogs we train are above the age of one year, and some are even eight to ten years old.

In some cases, pet owners teach their puppies basic manners and obedience, then they suddenly encounter issues like potty accidents, difficulty coexisting with other dogs, or reactivity years later.

Ideally, training your dog should commence as soon as your new puppy settles home.

The little furry friends fill your home with excitement during the first days as they start exploring their new world.

If you are a first-time or new pet owner, you may not realize how soon or how beneficial it can be to train your puppy.

Where Can I Find A Dog Trainer In Newport Beach

If you are searching for a Los Angeles dog trainer, search no more than the Dog Trainer Newport Beach. We are professional dog trainers based in downtown Newport Beach, Orange County. Our team of dog training experts is ready to help teach your dog. Give us a call and schedule a visit to find out how we can help.

Professional Newport Beach Dog Trainer Provider

At Dog Trainer Newport Beach, we have a team of experienced certified professional dog trainers. Our experts can tailor a suitable program for your dog regardless of age or breed. We offer basic training through our puppy kindergarten and obedience training programs. 

Also, we can arrange for advanced programs like hunting, search and rescue, entertainment, therapy, dog sports, detection, and protection. We always ensure that our clients vaccinate their dogs to avoid infections.

The Best Dog Trainer Services for Newport Beach

For all your dog training needs, contact Dog Trainer Newport Beach. We offer personalized services for the best dog behavior and obedience. We also provide lifetime support, and in case your dog’s behavior changes, we will train them without charging you any extra fees. If training is insufficient to change your dog’s behavior, we refer you to the best veterinarians for intervention.

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